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We are able to have virtually any type of trailer manufactured to suit your requirements. In the past we have supplied tailor-made units to businesses all-over the British Isles. We have also sold Mobile Emergency Response Trailers to British Energy at Sizewell B and Hunterston B Power Stations, as well as to the USAF at both the Mildenhall and Lakenheath bases.

The RAF, a local power boat-racing champion, light-haulage contractors, charity organisations, game farmers, pig breeders and many other businesses and private users have benefited from our high-quality customised trailers, along with many other business organisations and private users.

The Anglian Trailer Centre is able to supply a variety of specialists trailers from manufacturers such as Bockmann and Trailer Designs. Contact us for more information.

Here we show a range of specialist trailers. From a hydraulically lowering trailer to an addition of slatted sides to make a stock trailer. A 7m double car transporter to a dog trailer and many more. Maybe one day your special will feature here!

0-1500kg mobile weight trailer for test weighing hydraulic tail lifts.

The "Visitor Trailer" - designed for a local company to take
groups of visitors around their vineyard.

High speed 500 gallon bunded fuel bowsers.

16' beavertail with sides and ramp tailgate.

Wessex tilt deck trailer with high cover.

Covered trailer for transporting a fairground organ.

DISCLAIMER: In order to provide the best value for money, we are often amending our trailer prices. Displaying incorrect prices could result in confused and unsatisfied customers. For that reason we do not display any prices on our website.
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